November 22, 2005

my first blog

Posted in common at 9:45 pm by Feng

I'm Chinese and have studied English for many years. I got good IELTS
and GRE (verb/writing) scores, higher than many English-native
counterparts. But I am not a good English speaker/listener. I have
tried various efforts, but failed; my laziness is to blame. A friend
suggests me to expose my English on the blog and let people criticize
it. It sounds crazy, but who knows it may turn out to be the very
right way.



  1. Someone near said,

    Hey, who came up with “fenglish” and your weblog title? They are awesome and very clever. You should name your first born child after that person. Seriously.

    All the best with your new weblog.

  2. Adam Wolf said,

    “the very right way” doesn’t quite make sense. It would be better expressed as “the very best way.” but that might be too strong for what you mean.

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