November 24, 2005

Hi, stranger!

Posted in Idioms at 11:29 am by Feng

A British friend told me that the phrase “long time no see” is common mainly in US the US (thanks to Saar), but not in UK the UK (thanks to Saar). The British-equivalent British equivalent is “Hi, stranger!”



  1. Someone near said,

    “mainly in _the_ US, but not in _the_ UK”

  2. Feng said,

    true true

  3. […] Hi Stranger! Check out this blog, make his day by criticising his English. […]

  4. gordo said,

    “British-equivalent” shouldn’t be hyphenated. It should read “British equivalent.”

    Also, “hi, stranger!” is often used in the U.S.

    Technically, “US” and “UK” should be written “U.S.” and “U.K.” because they are abbreviations, but “US” and “UK” are perfectly acceptable in most situations.

  5. Feng said,

    I agree. It shouldn’t be hyphenated. Thanks.

  6. Johnb17 said,

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