November 25, 2005

two people got stolen!

Posted in Fun at 9:22 am by Feng

A recent incident reminds me that Chinese are not alone in making mistakes in English speaking. A guy from Brazil just moved into our shared house. Upon arrival, the first thing he did was to complain about the youth hostel he had stayed in earlier. “It was dreadful,” he said, “on the first night, two people got stolen!” We were shocked to hear that. But when it became clear that he actually meant “two people got robbed”, all laughed down to the floor (no such a phrase in English) to tears (or use “ROTFL”, see comments).



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    excellent correction 🙂

  2. vdovault said,

    ‘all laughed down to the floor’ I think you mean ‘they practically fell on the floor laughing’
    ‘all laughed to tears’ I think you mean ‘they were laughing so hard they were almost crying’

    Here you can switch ‘practically’ for ‘almost’ or ‘almost’ for ‘practically’ — they mean the same thing!

    At least that’s how an American might say those expressions, which are idiomatic for strong laughter.

    On the web the acronym ROTFL means ‘rolling on the floor laughing’. So if we’re in a chat room and you tell me something very funny I might type back that “I’m ROTFL!’

  3. Feng said,

    Good one

  4. Adam Wolf said,

    ROTFL is more commonly abbreviated ROFL, at least in the circles I roam.

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