December 6, 2005

taste like metal

Posted in Idioms at 10:07 am by Feng

The wardens in our house are an English couple. Recently, a Chinese girl who was is the a former resident came back to visit them with some Chinese dumplings (“Jiaozi”). But However, she didn’t explain to them how to cook those; perhaps, to Chinese, this is common sense. The husband put the dumplings in the microwave for 30 s and ate two, with the yet raw pork meat inside! He frowned “it tastes like metal“.



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    The comma should be after “Recently,” and “who was _a_ former resident (no comma here.)”
    You can link the next senescence with the first one “… dumplings (?Jiaozi?) and didn’t explain to them…”

  2. Feng said,

    Agree with u on the changes on commas. However, for the second suggestion, I tend to think “visits house … ” and “didn’t explain …” are different things. To me, it seems better to put them in two separate full sentences. Thanks for the comments.

  3. Saar Drimer said,

    I think I made a mistake. Using both “was” and “former” sounds wrong… better would be “who is a former resident” or “who was previously a resident”.

  4. Feng said,

    bravo. i changed.

  5. vdovault said,

    Shoot, even I know that you either steam or fry dumplings! 🙂

    ROTFL! (I’m testing you Feng, to see if you’re reading my comments 🙂

    That was a funny story

  6. Peter said,

    Very interesting, On the ball hoho. Happy New year, take Care.

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