December 10, 2005

jack shit

Posted in Idioms at 4:08 pm by Feng

I don’t know jack shit about sth — a quite native phrase to express the ignorance [dict].

When I had lunch with an American guy from the same lab, he asked me: “do you know jack shit about networking?” Displaying a cunning smile, he knew I couldn’t understand this phrase, and was very satified by my puzzled look. Evil. šŸ™‚



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    “sth”? you mean “something”? You have an extra “the” in the first sentence.

  2. Feng said,


  3. vdovault said,

    Again it’s a mildly vulgar expression in the USA, but if you ‘know your shit’, then that’s a really informal and impolite way of saying you have some knowledge and expertise.

    Should the same guy say to you ‘Are you shitting me?’ or ‘Are you bullshitting me?” that’s the vulgar equivalent of ‘Are you teasing me?’ or ‘Are you kidding me?’ or ‘Are you serious?’

  4. Feng said,

    haha šŸ™‚

  5. Peter said,



  6. Jim said,

    Great read. Very intersting site. Bear Bones is happy new year.

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