December 14, 2005

put out

Posted in slangs at 10:58 am by Feng

put outto make efforts. The meaning in the example below is: to be sextually active [dict]. (also see comments)

Phoebe went on a date with a guy she really liked. She made efforts to impress him, but the guy stayed indifferent to this relationship. After the date, Joey asked Phebe: “The guy still won’t put out, huh?”



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    I think you misunderstood… I’ll let you discover what “put out” really means on your own 🙂

  2. Feng said,

    Oops, it’s emabrassing…

    I checked the , ran into this “to make an effort” on the list of several meanings and took it for granted that it should be the one. But the right one, as you have implied (through your smiling face), is at the last of the list. Thanks for pointing out. hehe

  3. Mathew said,

    I’m confused, I heard someone ‘put out’ the empty bottles of milk.

  4. vdovault said,

    That link is right, Feng — ‘put out’ in this situation usually is meant to refer to sexual activity in a woman (and it’s a mild vulgarity) so the joke is that Joey is applying this slang phrase to a man. It’s definitely a Western thing that women are either supposed to be virginal or they are whores while men have more options for how they handle their sexuality.

    And for Mathew, the British are more inclined to ‘put out’ their milk bottles which literally means to place outside the front door of their homes empty milk bottles — in America we don’t commonly have home delivery of milk and dairy products anymore! But you might hear an American say that someone should ‘put out’ the cat — that’s the same idea, that one should place the cat outdoors.

  5. rachael said,

    i love that wood grain!

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