January 13, 2006

clued up

Posted in Idioms at 9:24 am by Feng

clue sb up (in) — to provide guilding information

A lecturer showed me the resume of a prospective PhD candidate from China. He liked the student’s research proposal. “Her research proposal looks quite clued up she is clued up on the research work”, the lecturer said in praise.



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    To me “clued up” means “knows what they are talking about.”

  2. Saar Drimer said,

    other variation is “clued-in.”

  3. Tyler Moore said,

    I have no idea what this phrase means. I have never heard it used in this way.

  4. Feng said,

    Yes, both of you are right. clue up(in) should always be used with SOMEBODY. e.g., clue me in on the latest happening.

  5. vdovault said,

    The opposite of being ‘clued-in’ or ‘having a clue’ is to be ‘clueless’. Be careful about using ‘clueless’ when you describe another person, because Americans often use ‘clueless’ when they mean ‘stupid’. So it’s great to say “I’m clueless”, but if you say “someone else is clueless”, that someone else could be very upset with you for insulting them when you didn’t mean to, especially when that someone else is American.

    There’s a cute movie with Alicia Silverstone called ‘Clueless’ which is a modern interpretation of a Jane Austen story, but if Feng watches it, I’m sure we’ll be ‘cluing Feng’ in on American slang for months to come 🙂

  6. Jimmy Jon said,


    Yo, I like to eat @ Jimmy John\’;s!

  7. Felix said,

    About this interesting expression, there’s a British band called Bloc Party, they use it in their song “Compliments”, the lyrics goes as “so right, so clued-up”

  8. sheila said,

    i love that metal!

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