January 16, 2006

face the music

Posted in Idioms at 9:50 am by Feng

face the music – to accept face the punishment

A child did something wrong. His sister told him that “you have to tell mom and face the music“. Think of this: if you are forced to listen to the music you dislike, it would be like receiving pulishment. There is another idiom of the same meaning: carry the can (see here). (Caution: this phrase is now seldom used. See comments) If you have to carry a huge-sized Coca can (as huge as you can image imagine) on your back, you know how you would feel.



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    I believe it means more like “face the consequences of your actions.”
    Instead of “image” try “imagine” or “picture.”

  2. Tyler Moore said,

    I’ve never heard ‘carry the can’. Anyone else?

  3. Feng said,

    If even you’ve never heard it, this phrase should be thrown into /usr/null …

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