January 18, 2006

fatten up

Posted in Uncategorized at 9:52 am by Feng

fat fatten up – to make sb fat

Doing PhD research makes me slimmer than before. When my wife and I were holidaying in China last month, some relatives commented that she had put on weight while I had become thinner. This kind of comparison bothers her. What she does now is to stuff my lunch box with more rice and meat. “She is trying to fat fatten you up“, someone I had lunch with yesterday told me.



  1. Tyler Moore said,

    I believe the correct wording is ‘fatten up’, ie ‘She is trying to fatten you up’.

  2. Feng said,

    I found the phrase “fat up” in my dictionary. But since you have said so, I guess “fatten up” should be more commonly used.

  3. Tyler Moore said,

    Yes I’m afraid ‘fatten up’ is the common usage. Just don’t ask me to explain why…

  4. Brad said,

    Also, “Fatten me up” can be used like giving someone special treatment, expecting something in retun. Also see “Butter me up”

  5. vdovault said,

    ‘Fattening up’ probably comes from the agricultural world where you overfeed an animal to get it larger for the slaughter and thereby have more to eat or sell. In the case of flattery/’buttering someone up’ what you are ‘fattening up’ is the person’s ego.

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