January 25, 2006

stand someone up

Posted in Idioms at 10:40 am by Feng

stand someone up — to fail to keep a date (or meeting, see comments) with someone (dictionary)

This phrase comes up in the Friends show quite often. In one episode, Chandler mimicked the voice of a girl’s ex-boyfriend over the phone and asked her out for a date. On that day, the poor girl kept waiting for her lover who never showed up. Finally, Chandler got his nerve to approach the upset girl, and said “whoever stood you up is a jerk.”



  1. Tyler Moore said,

    The phrase need not be about a date. People can be stood up for meetings as well.

  2. Feng said,

    thanks for clarification

  3. Saar Drimer said,

    I never thought of “Friends” as educational program; just as a poor annoying sitcom.

  4. Saar Drimer said,

    I should have probably said: It’s interesting to think of “Friends” as an educational program rather than a poor, annoying sitcom.

  5. vdovault said,

    A American synonym for ‘standing someone up’ is also to ‘blow someone off’.

    The weird thing about the second expression is that it also applies to things as well as to people, so if you’re here working on your blog and deliberately ignoring doing your work you are ‘blowing off’ your work.

  6. shelly said,

    i love that wood!

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