January 31, 2006

I don’t think it is gonna fly

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fly — to gain acceptance or approval (dictionary)

During today’s tea break, we were talking about the problem of fake police — e.g., what if the actors performing as policemen in a Hollywood-film shooting misuse their assumed identities when they are off work. “I got one idea to suggest to LAPD (Los Angeles Police Department), ” one guy said, “they should have an actors-squad that film companies must borrow for shooting scenes involving cops.” But another one disagreed, “This idea sounds interesting, but I don’t think it is gonna fly.”


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  1. vdovault said,

    Actually in New York City, they do have a ‘film squad’ of real NYC police officers, but what the film squad does is secure outdoor ‘locations’ (that’s a Hollywood term for a site where filming is taking place that is not on a soundstage or studio) and keep people from disrupting filming. They also keep the actual police from being confused into thinking that the actors are fellow police officers in trouble and coming on to ‘help’ catch the ‘suspect’ (also an actor) in staged chase or arrest scenes (and yes it has happened on shows like ‘Law & Order’ and ‘NYPD Blue’ and the poor actor who is playing the suspected criminal can get hurt badly by the real cops, not to mention it ruins the shot).

    And then there are stories such as one from Baltimore in which a real robbery suspect was running away from real Baltimore police officers and ran right into two actors (Richard Belzer and Clark Johnson from the show Homicide: Life On The Street) shooting on location on a Baltimore street. The suspect stopped running and turned himself over to the actors — he recognized them from TV but he was so confused, he thought the actors were real police detectives (and he didn’t notice the cameras, or the lights or the film crew)! Belzer and Johnson then turned the suspect over to the real Baltimore police! A very strange and somewhat funny story.

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