February 1, 2006

dead meat

Posted in slangs at 10:10 am by Feng

dead meat — death [dict]

Chinese friends sometimes kid each other by threatening: “if you dare to go against me, you are sure to die.” The native English expression is “you are dead meat“. The word “meat” makes the sentence a bit funny.



  1. tyger said,

    It’s a hunting saying. As you are looking down the barrel of a gun you would say to the deer You’re dead meat pre-empting the kill.

  2. Feng said,

    interesting. Now I know more about this phrase. 🙂

  3. Brad said,

    Not only meaning death, it can mean that severe punisment is imminent.

  4. vdovault said,

    An American synonym to ‘dead meat’ is ‘toast’. See the first Ghostbusters movie for the famous line ‘All right, this chick is toast’. Both imply being in trouble if not actual imminent death. A teenager might say that when his parents find out he drove their car without their permission and wrecked it, that he will be ‘toast’ or ‘dead meat’.

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