February 3, 2006

hook up

Posted in slangs at 11:02 am by Feng

hook up — to 1) meet, or 2) be sexually involved with [dict]

Native English speakers often use “I will hook up with you later” to mean “I will meet you later”. However, from the dictionary, this phrase also has “that” connotation. Would it be embarrassing if it is wrongly used as in the case of “be intimate with“? I asked a native speaker this question. He clarified that unlike the phrase “be intimate with”, the meaning of “hook up” largely depends on the context and is usually clear — e.g., if you say ‘let’s hook up after the lecture and discuss your plan’, there is no room for misinterpretation. “But if you are in a pub, sitting next to a hot girl you just met, and say ‘let’s hook up after the drink’, it will be interpreted differently”, he explained with a grin.


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  1. tyger said,

    ‘Hook up’ is an Americanism, but one that is working its way into UK English. You’re right it can intimate or purely friendly – you better watch for that ‘grin’!

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