February 6, 2006

going postal

Posted in slangs at 10:27 am by Feng

going postal — be extremely angry, in an outburst of violence [dict] [wiki]

I countered encountered this “going postal” in Schneier’s blog. A bit research on it reveals the gruesome origin of this phrase. On 20 August, 1986, in Edmond, Oklahoma, a postman shot dead fourteen of his colleagues and wounded six. This mass-killing event gave rise to the term “going postal“. (History repeated itself a few days ago, see news). For the past 20 years, this slang has been used with dark humor. An example usage is this — “The next time Jerry Rice goes four quarters without a touchdown, some NFL cornerback is sure to explain that he ‘defensed him pretty good.’ It’s enough to make a grammar purist go postal.”


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  1. Saar Drimer said,

    I think you mean “encountered”… I assume you did not confront Bruce on the use of “going postal.”
    It’s also a good, graphical way to make sure people know you had enough! Saying something like… “I’m going postal over here!” would sure grab your co-workers attention as they become concerned with you arriving the next day with and AK and starting your own shooting spree. Don’t be surprised if doughnuts are left at your desk regularly thereafter.

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