February 7, 2006

make someone’s day

Posted in Idioms at 10:17 am by Feng

make someone’s day — to make someone happy

In one “CSI” show, a guy killed two people for revenge. However, the traces he left in at the crime scene finally led the police to search his house. Knowing what her husband had done and the and that the police would come to catch him, the wife forced him to leave the family in an act of protecting in order to protect him. Before boarding a long-distance coach, the murderer had a guilty conscience, as his wife would have to be jailed for him. He decided to surrender himself. Walking toward a traffic policeman, he said, “Man, I I’ll make your day“.



  1. Saar Drimer said,

    Probably was either “Man, I’ll make your day” or “Man, I made your day.”

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  3. Toni said,

    This was a pretty good CSI episode. For once we knew exactly who the killer was and got to see things from his perspective.

  4. missywombat said,

    “In an act of protecting” would sound better being replaced with “in order to protect him” or “in an effort to protect him”.

  5. Feng said,

    Good. The meaning is now clearer. thanks.

  6. driverrob said,

    ‘at the crime scene’ is better. Also ‘and that the police ..’

  7. Feng said,


  8. vdovault said,

    The ‘make my day’ line may also be referencing a very famous Clint Eastwood scene in one of his many Dirty Harry movies. Clint played a very menacing tough cop (‘Dirty’ Harry Callahan) and in one very famous scene from ‘Sudden Impact’, Harry says to a robber who is holding a hostage and has just told Harry that he is going to kill the hostage ‘Go ahead and make my day’, meaning that if the robber kills the hostage, Harry will have a very good case for proving that the robber is also a murderer and would be sentenced to death so that ‘Dirty’ Harry (Harry is called ‘Dirty’ because of his use of excessive force against suspects) won’t be in trouble for shooting the robber. Many Americans would be familiar with this movie reference.

  9. david said,

    i think “his wife” instead of “the wife” [the wife forced him to leave the family…]

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