February 8, 2006

crack up

Posted in Idioms at 11:23 am by Feng

crack up — burst into laughing [dict]

In a quiet office, someone suddenly started laughing loudly. He explained to us, “look at this comic. It cracks me up. haha…” Others found it very amusing too. But I didn’t get it at start at first, until I was clued in on what is “comparative literature” (a subject of little usefulness use).



  1. Brad said,

    One would say “I didn’t get it a FIRST” and you could also say, “A useless subject”

  2. missywombat said,

    Crack up is also a noun as in “What a crack up!” describing a very funny event.

  3. Feng said,

    I didn’t want to be harsh to the people who study “comparative literature” by saying “a useless subject”. Thanks for comment anyway. 🙂

  4. vdovault said,

    Americans also say ‘busted me up’ as a substitute for ‘cracked me up’.

    On the Dilbert cartoon, ‘comparative literature’ would be ‘of little use’ (and worth) in the typical American corporate office. It is a very academic scholarly subject but doesn’t do a lot to help one make a lot of money.

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