February 9, 2006

turn over a new leaf

Posted in Idioms at 11:13 am by Feng

turn over a new leaf — to change the attitude or behavior for the better [dict]

Early in the morning, I bumped into a guy, who usually got up very late. I asked him what made him change. “I am turning over a new leaf.” He said. Actually, he was catching an a morning lecture whose attendance was compulsory.



  1. Rishi said,

    Yep, you’ve got it right. 🙂

  2. camdenlady said,

    just to be a pedant that’s ‘catching a morning lecture’

  3. John said,

    Don’t use a comma between ‘guy’ and ‘who’ and change ‘got’ to ‘gets’.
    ‘Got up’ refers to a single occurance, so it doesn’t work with ‘usually’.

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