February 23, 2006


Posted in verb at 9:57 am by Feng

sugarcoat — to make more appealing or pleasant [dict]

In “Desperate housewives”, Edie and Susan went to Bree’s house. Edie told Bree in a direct manner that she saw Bree’s daughter making out with another guy in the park. Susan quickly interrupted her, “can can’t you sugarcoat it?”



  1. Robert L. said,

    i think it would be more common to say, “can’t you sugarcoat it a little for me?” or”thanks for not sugarcoating it for me” (ironically)

  2. Feng said,

    Actually, when I heard this, I wasn’t very sure whether it is “can” or “can’t”. I come to think you are right, it should be “can’t you …?”

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