March 3, 2006

at loose ends

Posted in Idioms at 9:52 am by Feng

at loose ends — In an unsettled or uncertain situation [dict]

The captain of the rowing club urges urged us to do more physical training. He said, “if If you are at loose ends today, come to the gym to do some exercise.”



  1. jennhx said,

    Keep your verb tenses parallel:

    urges + he says,
    urged = he said,

    Capitalize beginning of quotation: He said, “If you…”

  2. Feng said,

    right. thanks.

  3. c'lam said,

    if you are at A loose end

  4. Feng said,

    “at a loose end” is the British English, while
    “at loose ends” is the American English.

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