March 7, 2006

call the shots

Posted in Idioms at 12:14 pm by Feng

call the shots — to exercise authority, be in charge [dict]

The fascinating thing about the “Lost” show is that you never know what’s next. Although the newly found man, Henry, a new character in the recent episode, had a pity pitiful and innocent look, I think he should be a spy. He said to John, “I don’t understand why you always let the doctor call the shots.” He was trying to undermine the relationship between John and Jack.


  1. jennhx said,

    “the newly found man” doesn’t really make sense. Who found him? Or did you mean he is new to the show? In the latter case, you could say “Henry, who made his first appearance in this episode…”

    “had a pity and innocent look” —> “had a pitiful and innocent look”


  2. Feng said,

    >> “had a pitiful and innocent look?

    Yes. I had been mistakening “pity” for an adjective for a long time. Thanks for pointing out.

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