March 7, 2006

wrap one’s brain around

Posted in Idioms at 10:17 am by Feng

wrap one’s brain (head) around — think hard to understand something [ref]

In “Lost”, a guy, called Henry, suddenly appeared on the island from nowhere. Jack and John had to lock him in the hatch, fearing that he was a spy. John gave him a book for killing time. But Henry found the book very boring; he liked Hemingway’s works instead. He said, “They had stuff I can wrap my brain around“.


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  1. Leslea said,

    This is a weird one, but I personally think of it like this:

    On a cold day, holding a hot mug of coffee feels good. You wrap your hands around the warm mug and this is satisfying and comfortable. I think of “wrapping my brain around something” as a similar mental thing.

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