March 20, 2006

touch wood

Posted in Idioms at 10:15 am by Feng

touch wood — something that you say when you want your luck or a good situation to continue [freedict]

I used to share office with a summer internship student. Though young, he had over ten-year experience in hacking. Once, I asked him whether his computer had ever been hit by a virus. He quickly put his hand on the table and said, “Touch wood.” (so far so good)



  1. Mary said,

    Hi Feng,

    The idiom you are talking about is “knock on wood.”
    Sometimes people will say it and knock on their head,
    implying that they have a wooden head.


  2. Feng said,

    According to the [here], the two phrases are the same. The use of “touch wood” is common in the UK.

  3. Are you in the UK? I’m in the US.

  4. Feng said,


  5. David said,

    Mary is right about this one. If you say touch wood in the U.S., people will think you’re strange. Use “knock on wood”.

  6. adf said,

    origination, anyone?

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