March 27, 2006

the pot calling the kettle black

Posted in Idioms at 8:50 am by Feng

the pot calling the kettle black — to say something about someone else which is actually true of you yourself [dict]

In Will & Grace, Jack described Will as abnormal and asked him to see a doctor. Will felt disgruntled, "That is the pot calling the kettle black." A very similar Chinese saying is: "50 paces laughing at 100 paces" — The story goes back to an ancient war in China. When the real fighting started, some soldiers were afraid of death and ran away. One such soldier who ran for 50 paces laughed at another who had run for 100 paces, "Hey dude, you coward!"


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  1. Jeff said,

    A related expression is Pot, meet kettle, usually said tongue in cheek by a third person. Picture Grace “introducing” Jack to Will by saying “Pot, meet kettle.”

    Enjoying your blog! Kudos to you for putting yourself “out there”! (I like the admirably direct title.)

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