March 28, 2006

doze off

Posted in Idioms at 5:01 pm by Feng

drowse off — change from a waking to a sleeping state [dict]
doze off — to fall into a light sleep [answers]

I am attending 3-day workshop on security protocols. Today, the workshop organizers treated us to a lavish lunch with a variety of food. The guy sitting next to me felt full and asked for a cup of coffee. However, the reply was that coffee was not included in the lunch. "Well, I guess I will drowse off doze off this afternoon," he said with a helpless smile.



  1. Tyler Moore said,

    The phrase I am used to hearing is ‘dose off’.

  2. Feng said,

    Excellent. I think you are right. When I heard this phrase, I had though it was “drowse off”, but also kept wondering why the guy pronounced “drowse” in a different way. Now it is clear — he was saying “doze off”. Thanks for correcting my mistake.

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