May 8, 2006

gut feel

Posted in Idioms at 8:45 am by Feng

gut feel/feeling — very rough estimate [wiktionary]

I was discussing with someone on the collaboration of a project. We were not sure whether our new method would work. He asked me, "What is your gut feel?" Noticing my puzzlement, he explained: "The equivalent word is: intuition." (It seems "gut feeling(s)" is more common that "gut feel" based on the results from google search.)



  1. Shawn said,

    “What is your gut feeling?” This is the correct way.

  2. Cilly said,

    I would say that instead of a ‘very rough estimate” it is more a very precise response that you know if you just pay attention to your true feelings.

  3. Any said,

    Gutfeel is more common. Like:

    My gutfeel says that this will happen. Thats my gutfeel.

    What does your gutfeel says about this game?

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