May 9, 2006


Posted in Idioms at 10:03 am by Feng

blue-sky — Unrealistic and impractical [dict]

Has your computer ever be hit by a computer virus? It's a pain to clean up the mess it causes. But imagine this: your computer suddenly stops working — no response from the mouse and the keyboard, the screen frozen, all files on the disk locked etc. Then you see the message on your screen: transfer 20 quids to the bank account xxxxx and everything will be back to normal in 2 seconds. Now we have a new member in the malware family: ransomware. This "evil" idea was first thought by someone in my research group and he wrote it up into a paper, but didn't publish it. "I had thought it was a blue-sky paper," he told us. But the threat is real now (see news).


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