May 24, 2006

wacky story

Posted in slangs at 9:53 am by Feng

wacky — Crazy; silly [dict]

Yesterday afternoon, I attended a very entertaining seminar on compromising locks by bumping. The invited speaker demonstrated an easy way of opening a lock with a gentle whack. It was a very impressive talk. The general principle behind is Newton's third law of motion — simply put, when you hit something, you get a rebound. It's easy to find a key which can be inserted into the keyhole of a target lock. A gentle turn of the key applies a torque force to suppress the movements of the bottom pins inside the lock. Then, a mere whack on the the lock surface rebounds the upper pins and achieves the "Holy Grail" in lock-picking — the upper pins are aligned in the sheer line. Given a few trials to get the timing right, one can open the lock in less than 5 seconds. The audience were overwhelmed. One asked, "I once heard a wacky story that someone injects the compressed air into the keyhole to open the lock." The speaker smiled and said, "Why bother if things can be done in a simpler way." This is a real threat, and people should at least be aware of this problem. Welcome to the world of insecurity!


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