June 6, 2006

no jib jab

Posted in Idioms at 10:59 am by Feng

no jib jab — stop talking trash [urban]

On 'Lost', Jack, Sawyer, Kate, Hugo and Michael were fully armed and set out to look for the "others" — mysterious people living on the other side of the island. Michael tried to convince his teammates that the "others" were just a bunch of hillbillies, nothing to be afraid of. Kate, however, was sceptical about that. Recalling the consumes and fake beards she had found left by the "others", Kate cautioned that the "others" might simply trick them into believing that they were hillbillies. Unhappy about these speculations, Sawyer said: "Alright, no jib jab. Let's go."


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  1. Cilly said,

    Also ‘jibber jabber’.

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