June 12, 2006

put words into someone’s mouth

Posted in Idioms at 10:38 am by Feng

put words into someone's mouth — to tell someone what you think they mean or want to say [thefreedict]

I have a football buddy and we have played together for many years. To justify blowing half a day's time on the football pitch, we also share the same cover story to tell our wives: "He is already waiting for me on the pitch and it would be so rude to stand him up." This had worked well until yesterday when we were invited to their house and the wives found out the correlation between the lines. This buddy happens to be able to cook delicious foods. I praised him: "I wish I could cook as well as you." My wife quickly "clarifies" for me: "He means he won't play football with you any more until he cooks as well as you." "She puts words into your mouth," the buddy's wife laughed and said to me.


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