June 16, 2006

on ice

Posted in Idioms at 10:03 am by Feng

on ice — Assured of attainment or success [dict]

On 'The Closer', Detective Hubbard killed his former partner for personal revenge and fabricated the crime scene to frame another Detective, Xavier. Brenda sensed something suspicious with Hubbard. Pretending that she needed help, Brenda asked Hubbard to be involved in interrogating Xavier. Without knowing this was a trick, Hubbard readily agreed. "You must catch that guy," he said to Brenda firmly, "I mean on ice."



  1. Jeff said,

    to put on ice set aside; stored; kept in reserve until needed.

    Let’s put that proposal on ice until we have the funds to implement it.

    to ice (Slang) to kill

    I ice him and vanish
    No trace of what I done
    Finding me is harder
    Than finding a smoking gun.

    Beach Road by James Patterson, Peter de Jonge

  2. Cilly said,

    Ditto. “put away until needed”, like in a freezer, literally. Don’t know what that is supposed to mean in the story from Closer…

  3. Good book that Beach Road . Icing somebody has been a slang expressing for killing them for a long time. ‘To put on ice’ means to put something away and/or stop it – to , maybe, resuurect it later or not at all.

  4. tovorinok said,


    Great book. I just want to say what a fantastic thing you are doing! Good luck!


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