June 19, 2006

square up

Posted in Idioms at 10:02 am by Feng

square up — settle conclusively; come to terms [dict]

Last weekend, the world-cup match between America and Italy turned out to be such a drama: one goal from Italy at start, quickly followed by an equalizer from America. But that was only the prelude. One Italian player was later sent off the pitch for a red-card. When everyone thought that the game was now tipped to America's advantage, two Americans were subsequently expelled for red-cards. However, in the remaining time, Italy failed to convert the advantage of having one more player into any goals. The game ended up with a 1:1 draw. At one scene during the game, two players from both sides clashed, attempting to gain the ball. The Italian player got up and "gently" massaged the American player's head, while the American "gently" patted the opponent's back. The TV commentator said: "That is relatively friendly squaring up."


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