June 26, 2006

sit there like a lemon

Posted in Idioms at 10:19 am by Feng

someone sits there like a lemon — to describe a person in a socially awkward situation [see lemon]

In a movie, Monk is a highly gifted detective. He, however, is awkward to deal with people. Once, he becomes very nervous when sitting next to a stranger. Seeing this scene, someone says, "Look, he sits there like a lemon". There are some discussions about why the word "lemon" in this phrase. One explains this way: a lemon is "small enough to miss in packing and round enough to roll out of sight". I don't know whether that truely explains the origin of this phrase (maybe not), but it certainly shows a mnemonic way to remember.


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  1. You said,

    It actually comes from the middle english le man which meant prostitute, and has just got changed over time. Hence, standing around like a prostitute.

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