July 10, 2006


Posted in verb at 10:34 am by Feng

graphic — describing nudity or sexual activity in graphic detail [dict]

I have been busy writing up a paper these days. I told someone in the group that I had a few colorful plots to display the experimental results, so the paper would look “graphic“. He was a bit hesitant at start, but then couldn’t help laughing. To explain this, he gave me an example that he had a friend doing the research on auto-detecting pornographic pictures for Internet filtering. “I read that guy’s dissertation,” he said, “That was really graphic.” The word “graphic” can literally mean “pictorial”, according to dictionary.com. However, in real-life, its connotation is usually negative. A similar example is on the use of “sketchy“.


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  1. Mike Cray said,

    Graphic does mean pictoral, and you are right that the word does carry negative connotations when used as you have shown above. Sketchy is also a word with less than positive meaning when used to describe something.

    For instance, if I said: “that guy is kind of sketchy.” This does not mean that the person is an artist, it means that there is something ‘not right’ with them.

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