July 17, 2006

cut loose

Posted in Idioms at 10:11 am by Feng

cut (and) loose — To speak or act without restraint [dict]

On ‘Monk’, the murderer was eager to get into Sharona’s house and delete the phone messages. After pouring a lot of wine over Sharona at a bar, he said to her: “What do you say we cut and loose and do something crazy …



  1. Mike Cray said,

    Ahh, this ought to be “cut loose,” you would omit the “and” here. Cut loose is also probably not the most appropriate line for the situation. I’d be more apt to say something to the effect of “cut out of here,” “cut out,” “take off,” or “go do something else.”

    I’d need to see the rest of the sentence to get a good grasp of what the intended subtext was, but I am relatively sure this ought to give you a good start.

    Nice blog by the way, interesting concept.

  2. Feng said,

    Yes it should be without “and”. Thanks for the correction.

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