July 24, 2006

I’ve a lot Malaysians

Posted in Fun at 10:16 am by Feng

This incident shows how easy it is for Non-native English speakers to make mistakes unconsciously. Last weekend, a Korean couple were waiting at a check-out counter after shopping at the Sainsbury’s store. The wife started a friendly conversation with the cashier: “Where are you from?” The cashier replied with a smiling face: “I am from Malaysia.” “Great,” the Korean woman said with excitement, “I have a lot Malaysians!” A bit embarrassed, her husband quickly corrected her mistake. She was meant to say she had a lot Malaysian friends.


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  1. Ram said,

    that’s true – specially for non-native english speakers as they tend to think in local language, translate to english and speak. I think it is the co-ordination between the thoughts, translation, and words spoken out. If we think words faster than we speak, we either skip or swallow the words in between or combine couple of words and make a single word.

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