July 26, 2006

an eye for an eye

Posted in Idioms at 10:06 am by Feng

an eye for an eye; (a tooth for a tooth) — Punishment in which an offender suffers what the victim has suffered [dict] [wiki]

An Indian guy borrowed a DVD of “Gandhi”, and invited all people in the house to watch it. It is a classic film. I watched it once about 10 years ago. At that time, my English listening was poor. I still remember our English teacher “chased” us into a dark video room to watch a film we couldn’t understand. The residual memory about the film is that it was super-long and basically we sat there for four hours, flicking each other to keep awake.

But this time was different. With improved English listening, I really enjoyed this film, so did all the others. On the film, Gandhi explained why the choice of “non-violence”: “An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.” It is hard not to be reminded of the current chaotic situation in the middle east. Israel was provoked after its two soldiers were kidnapped, and quickly retaliated. However, Israel is quickly loosing the world’s sympathy for the rising reports of civilian casualties and refugees in Lebanon (Today’s news reports that four UN observers were killed in a bomb attack, including a Chinese). Who’s right and who’s no? No one can tell. The world is blind now, just as Gandhi had predicted 60 years ago.


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