July 31, 2006

sharp practice

Posted in Idioms at 10:41 am by Feng

sharp practice — Crafty or deceitful dealings, especially in business [dict]

The ongoing discussion in the UKCrypto forum is on the pre-approved credit cards. It has become increasingly common in the UK that a bank sends you a brand new credit card with a credit limit of 1000 pounds, even without your requesting that. To some customers, this is perhaps welcomed for the convenience; but to the majority, it is a nuisance. The cunning bank deals with the later case by suggesting to “cut it up” if the card is not needed. The threat of cloning a “Chip N Pin” card at a low cost has been mentioned in the previous blog post. Hence, you have the sole responsibility to dispose of the card properly. Otherwise, you bear the liability to explain to the bank why you refuse to pay the bill charged to that card.

Feeling paranoid, you cut the chip into halves, then into further halves, … and finally put pieces to the barbecue fire. Before you feel safe that you’ve eliminated any chance of recycling the chip by a criminal, there arrive newly offered credit cards from other banks, retailers, super-markets … Someone in the forum describes this issuing pre-approved cards as the “sharp practice” by banks. There are no regulations on it yet.


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  1. danadam said,

    Cool, you’re doing the same thing as I am but the other way around. I’m also blogging about learning a new language. But it’s chinese I’m aiming to learn.

    Good luck!

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