August 1, 2006

out of commission

Posted in Idioms at 10:00 am by Feng

out of commission — Not in working order, unable to function [dict]

I just finished a paper and sent sent it to someone for comments. He told me that he was recovering from a surgery, and “slightly out of commission“. I wish him the best and his recovery.



  1. Timothy said,

    “and sent to someone for comments.” This should be “and sent it to someone for comments.”

    “was recovering from a surgery,” this should be “was recovering from surgery,”

  2. Feng said,

    For the first one, I agree completely.

    For the second one, I think you are right. I did some google search and found “to recover from surgery” is more common than “to recover from a surgery”. However, from the grammar point of view, I am not entirely convinced why without “a”. The noun “surgery” is countable since it has the plural form: surgeries.

    A common mistake for many Chinese is forgetting to add an article before a noun. I have tried to avoid this. Or, perhaps, I have overdone it?

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