September 14, 2006

small trick and big trouble

Posted in proverb at 10:05 am by Feng

On the ‘Las Vegas’ TV show, the surveillance team of the Montecito casino is facing a problem: they cannot figure out how a woman keeps winning in their casino. Most of the time, she sits quietly in a corner, reading a book. From time to time, her reading seems to be interrupted by some kind of signal. She then goes straight to put a large bet on a table — and wins. When this forms a pattern and it repeats itself several times, it has become apparent that she is cheating — but no one in the surveillance team can tell how.

Frustrated, Mike asks Ed Deline, Head of the surveillance team: “OK. We know she is cheating. Why not just get her out of our turf?” After a moment of silence, Ed Deline replies: “My concern is that if we can’t even figure out this small trick, we are in big trouble.” This greatly lifts up the spirit of the whole team. With further investigations, they finally discover the trick: there is an insider in the surveillance team, secretly releasing signals to the woman by changing the music.

Indeed, knowledge is gained by facing up to the problem.



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