October 30, 2006

from stem to stern

Posted in Idioms at 4:12 pm by Feng

from stem to stern — from one end of something to the other [thefreedict]

On ‘Amdromeda’, Harper is a genius engineer, working on the warship Amdromeda. When asked how much he knows about the ship, he says: “From stem to stern.”

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  1. Voltron said,

    This term comes from the boating world. The “stem” is the very front-most part of a boat. The “stern” the the very back end.

    The literal translation is “from the very front to the very rear of a ship”, although the phrase can be used with any subject to mean “completely” or “thoroughly”.

    Examples: “We cleaned the house from stem to stern” (it means we cleaned the entire house).

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