April 18, 2007

hop up

Posted in slangs at 9:55 am by Feng

hop up — to excite; make enthusiastic [dict]

On a TV show, a group of friends are rehearsing a play. One guy is apparently excited to get a role. However, he doesn’t follow the script. Instead, he improvises his lines, imitates others’ speaking and makes funny noise. When his friends give him an angry look, he excuses himself: “Sorry, I am hopped up.”


  1. Madeline said,

    This also means to be on amphetamines (or in slang, speed) – in the 1960’s a speed user was a hophead.

    To be hopped up literally meant to be under the influence or to have taken too much speed.

    Now it is used metaphorically, to behave as if one has taken too much amphetamine.

  2. Feng said,

    Thanks for your clarification! That well explains the origin of this phrase.

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