April 26, 2007


Posted in verb at 12:12 pm by Feng

squirm — To feel or exhibit signs of humiliation or embarrassment [dict]

The global warming is real. When I spent the winter holiday in China a few months ago, I felt it was apparently warmer than before. Something must be done, but the real question is “How”.

The “Kyoto protocol” is an attempt in that direction, but I fail to see that it will work. Leaders are elected by their people to act in the best interest of their nations. When it comes to the choice of doing good for the country or for the rest of the world, the former is just a natural choice. The incentives from rich/poor countries and environmentalists are misaligned — which is the inherent problem with the “Kyoto protocol”. There ought to be a better solution. I was not surprised when reading the below from Economist:

“America and others recognize that climate change is one of the world’s hottest topics, but still squirm when talking about doing something painful to tackle it.”

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