May 31, 2007

throw someone in at the deep end

Posted in Idioms at 10:31 am by Feng

throw someone in at the deep end — to make someone do something difficult, especially a job, without preparing them for it or giving them any help [thefreedict]

My driving instructor is a nice and brave English old man. Though today was only the second session, he let me take the full control of the wheel on a busy road, and kept giving me instructions: “More gas please! Much faster!”. I dare not speed up as I could not help worrying we might hit someone. My body muscles tense, I tried to follow his instructions, fumbling for the clutch, brake, gas pedal, handbrake, and signal lights. Thanks, God. The instructor finally called for a break.

He handed me a sweet candy. ” You should smile while driving, ” he said to me with a grin, “My training method is to throw you in at the deep end. It’s like throwing you into the deep water so you can learn swimming quickly.” Suddenly, I had the thought: “Why should I be worried? He throws me into this crazy traffic. He should really be one who feels nervous on the seat.” I felt relaxed. Seeing me smile, the old man was excited: “Right! That is what I am talking about.”


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