September 6, 2007

tap that ass

Posted in slangs at 3:05 pm by Feng

tab tap that ass — a vulgar slang for sex [urbandict].

One night, people in our research group went out to celebrate for someone passing the PhD viva. In the pub, an American guy wanted to make fun of a British chap, who seemed to really hit it off with a girl he just met. The American sent him a text message: “Tab Tap that“. After taking a mouthful of beer, he said to me: “I bet he won’t understand. He is British.” I heard this phrase on some American movies before.



  1. Nick said,

    I think that it’s a variation of the more common phrae “tap that ass” which you will find references for e.g. here:

    By the way I am british and I have heard of it… but it may have been from an american film.

    (In general I think most brits can understand american phrases as long as they have been in films or TV shows. However I have found that americans don’t get british phrases, probably because there aren’t so many british shows/films shown in the states)

  2. Feng said,

    Nick, thanks a lot for your explanation. I double checked and your are right — it should be “tap”. I heard it wrongly.

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