September 26, 2007

vote with one’s feet

Posted in Idioms at 4:19 pm by Feng

vote with one’s feet — to show that you do not support something, especially an organization or a product, by not using or not buying it any more [thefreedict]

In the area of security research, there are some standard security solutions that are secure in theory, but suffer from poor usability in practice. Someone commented: “De facto standards often emerge because people vote with their feet rather than following standards”. That is an interesting view.


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  1. cyndy said,

    “People vote with their feet” doesn’t typically refer to a financial matter. One’s refusal to buy something is typically expressed as “…voting with [my] wallet.” .

    The word ‘feet’ is used when commenting on a belief or a opinion. The origin is in the political arena: some people express a political stance based upon what they think will be most positively received (in front of their boss, say) but when it comes time to actually cast their ballot, they “ with their feet” by crossing the street to support that candidate’s opponent.

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