October 18, 2007

crank it up a notch

Posted in Idioms at 11:11 pm by Feng

crank it up a notch — increase or intensify a bit (See [crank up] and [notch])

On Friends, Joey envied Chandler and Monica being together. He thought that the two got along because they were friends first. So Joey attempted to hit on Rachel. He said to her: “Since we are friends, maybe you and I can crank it up a notch“. This phrase seems to come from a song called “crank it“.


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  1. jackson said,

    The phase has been in use since the 70’s but not as popular until recently. It origionally referred to a music sterio system. crank was simply turning the knob, and the notch was the marks on the volumn control. “cranked up” is also used to refer to music played at a high volumn.

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