January 13, 2008

part and parcel

Posted in Idioms at 12:48 am by Feng

part and parcel of something — a necessary part which cannot be avoided [dict]

A lecturer must assume teaching responsibilities even though his real interests lie in doing research. Someone was assigned to teach two courses for the new semester. He said to me with a sigh: “That’s part and parcel of the job”.



  1. samy4ever said,

    It’s funny…

    I came across your blog…:O

    I’ve gotta blog too, and for the same purposes as you.

    We could help each other, I can try to correct you and you can try to correct me.

    I would like to pass PCE… And as far as I read you’ve got more or less the same level as me.

    What do you say?

    I can add you at my blogroll, you can also do the same…



  2. samy4ever said,

    uhm… and my blog is in the link bellow:


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