March 15, 2009

love handles

Posted in slangs at 8:30 pm by Feng

love handles – excess fat around the waistline (often used in the plural) [dict]

I wonder why they are called “love handles“, maybe because they provide a soft place to rest one’s hand while one’s arm is around a person. Just maybe, don’t take it too seriously. It helps memorize.

One synonym is “spare tire”, whose meaning is intuitive though less vivid.



  1. Amy said,

    could it also imply the male organ?

  2. Linda said,

    Love handles so called because you can hold on to a person at that extra bit around the waist when making love…certainly in certain positions the hands would very easily be in the right place…! Kind of a cuddly expression too, I think usually meant in a nice way, not insulting.

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