March 17, 2010

power nap

Posted in Idioms at 8:56 pm by Feng

power nap – a brief refreshing sleep, often during the workday [dict][wiki]

This is a short nap (typically 15 -30 min) before entering the deep sleep. Sometimes, people might think the longer it takes to nap at noon, the more refreshing one would feel when he wakes up. This is actually not true. If you enter the deep sleep and wake up in the middle, you may feel even more tired.

While I’m looking up this phrase on wikipedia, I learned another phrase “caffeine nap”.  A study shows that one gets the best rest if he takes a cup of coffee, then followed by a power nap. Well, I am not sure that is true – never tried.


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  1. amy said,

    hey, I am glad you started posting again! I like this one. power nap…

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