August 25, 2010

dumb as a butt

Posted in slangs at 2:53 pm by Feng

dumb as a butt — I didn’t find an on-line reference for this phrase, but the meaning is quite intuitive if you know that “butt” is a slang word for “buttocks” (see [answers])

Security and usability are two sometimes opposing concepts. Security people are keen to make the system as most secure as possible, and wouldn’t care much about usability. The X509 certificate in the browser is a classic example of failure in understanding usability. One opinion is that if the user clicks the wrong button to accept the rogue certificate, doesn’t read the certificate carefully or ignores the expiry warning, then he is the one to blame for the security breach. A colleague comments on this opinion as “dumb as a  butt“. It’s an interesting expression.


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